Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Modern technology solutions require modern approaches to user adoption.

Great customer experience (CX) is about providing a trustworthy, delightful, usable, and valuable experience to customers. REI Systems believes that CX is an imperative component to our solutions’ success.

Our main goal at REI is to provide a seamless CX at all touchpoints throughout the customer journey. We believe in creating an emotional connection with our customers. We build long-term relationships because of the valuable and consistent experiences we deliver.

REI System offers GovReview®, a robust peer review modular application that integrates with most grant management solutions to help automate the process. GovReview manages the complete application peer review process, generates peer review scores, and streamlines interactions between reviewers and an agency to strengthen the peer review process.

Let your experts focus their energy and expertise where it is valuable—the selection of the most meritorious applications—and less on administrative tasks.

Full Lifecycle Peer Review Capabilities


Streamline and Automate Your Grants Review Process
Speed Up the Review and Selection Processes
Select the Strongest Grant Recipients
Improve Grant Outcomes and Reduce Errors

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