October 11, 2017

REI Systems’ Indunil Ranaviraja and Subhash Kari recently published a thought leadership piece on Federal News Radio titled, “Designing IT Solutions That Users Want.” Our authors lay out four critical components to drive adoption of new technology and achieve high levels of satisfaction among users. REI’s expertise in user adoption stems from our nearly 30 years of experience creating IT solutions for Government agencies. An excerpt from the article is below:

“Many IT firms (and agencies using Information Technology) believe that the successful implementation of a project means sticking to plans, managing budgets, and meeting deadlines. They are satisfied when they have delivered the promised functionality on-time and on-budget. Yet, when these firms look back a few months after deployment, they may find that they and their client sponsors don’t get the expected user adoption, and don’t get the expected results. In short, there is no return on an IT investment if users don’t use the technology. While the project may be deemed a success because it has been deployed, business results will not be fully realized until the intended users adopt the solution.”

Read the full article on Federal News Radio.