View REI Systems’ Modern Analytics two part webinar series: How to unlearn and advance. Attendees will learn about the practices that assist in creating state-of-the-art data analytics platform aimed to deliver the mission enabling solution.


Agile Professionals

Our REI Systems employees engage themselves with the greater Agile community through thought leadership, industry exhibitions, technology talks, and much more.

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Fun at REI

Get an insight on all the exciting things we do at REI Systems beyond just work. We’re all about creating a fun work-life balance.

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GAB & GMB Forum

Our breakfast forums include the Government Analytics Breakfast (GAB) Forum and the Grants Management Breakfast (GMB) Forum. Each forum, held every two months except July and August, gathers professionals from government, academia, and the corporate realm to establish a community to discuss important topics.

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A Great Track Record: Women Technologists at REI Systems

We’re spotlighting women technologists at REI Systems, who share their successes and the challenges they overcame on their professional journeys in the technology field.


Microsoft Maniacs

We host group meetups for anyone interested in Microsoft Technologies (.NET Core, C#, ASP.NET, Azure, SharePoint, SQL Server), Mobile Technologies, HTML5, CSS3, modern JavaScript frameworks (angular) etc.

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My Project in One Minute

Want to learn about what REI Systems employees are accomplishing? These videos give an insight into the projects and initiatives we are involved in at REI Systems.

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REI Systems Insider

Hear what our customers and employees think about REI Systems. From the daily activities to company events, our company is in involved in many things.

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REI Systems provides webinars focused on REI-developed platforms and initiatives, industry training, and other Information Technology focused topics.

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