As Chief Technology Officer of REI Systems, Subhash Kari oversees the company‚Äôs largest business unit (Health Systems), core competency areas, and technology innovations to meet the future needs of our government customers. Since joining REI Systems in 2001, Subhash has supported the company’s growth and provided leadership in grants management. As part of the corporate strategy team, he helps shape the organization’s long term growth and development. As a leader, he is hands-on and works with his teammates at every level to achieve the best possible results. He believes this approach allows leaders to remain grounded in reality and offer a more pragmatic approach to the problems they’re needed to solve.

Under his leadership and direction, REI Systems has provided a full spectrum of digital services to build and modernize large scale enterprise systems, supporting grants and regulatory programs. He has supported various agencies within the Department of Health and Human Services including the Health Resources Services Administration, the Food and Drug Administration, and the Grants Center of Excellence at the Administration of Children and Families.

Prior to joining REI Systems in 2001 as a senior software engineer, Subhash worked on business intelligence and mobility projects at MicroStrategy and served as a management consultant and product strategist at TeliSpark, a wireless startup owned by Deloitte. By demonstrating leadership in multiple areas including management solutions and finance, as well as development, Subhash progressed at REI Systems through roles in systems development, project management, and program leadership. He developed REI Systems’ own Corporate Data Warehouse, a tool that REI Systems uses both internally and to support clients. In 2007, he became one of only two people to have ever received the Leadership Excellence Award at REI Systems.

Subhash is an avid reader (especially about technology and leadership) and enjoys spending time with his wife (Reshma) and their two daughters.