GSA Technical Support Service BPA

Contract Type

Blanket Purchase Agreement


REI is the prime contractor/BPA Holder.



The BPA covers four major areas:
1. GSA tools & services
2. Citizen-facing tools and services
3. Support for memos & BPA letters issued by the Executive Office of the President
4. Support for e-Gov initiatives

There are five general pools of services:
1. Government program management office support
2. Support for architect & engineering, concepts, design and strategy for information technology (IT) software, applications, and web services
3. Development, implementation and release management for IT software applications, and web services
4. Systems administration – configure, manage, deploy, scale, maintain, and operate applications; software, hardware, cloud hosting, and platforms
5. Information systems security – implement IT security measures to ensure systems operate at an acceptable level of risk

Points of Contact

Program Manager
Pradeep Krishnanath
Senior Director

Contracts Manager
Kevin White
Director, Contracts