Alliant 2 – Best in Class Contract Vehicle

The Alliant 2 GWAC opens doors to emerging technologies and so much more

Federal agencies that leveraged GSA’s Alliant 1 contract have realized great success and efficiencies, which is why all agencies should consider the new Best-in-Class Alliant 2 contract vehicle for IT procurement. REI Systems is proud to have been awarded Alliant 2 as it provides agencies with the flexibility in procuring leading edge technologies (LETs) that will grant CIOs the option to be more forward thinking and plan for the future while focusing on today’s challenges.

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Beyond Modernization

Leveraging the power of Alliant 2 and REI Systems

Regardless of a federal agency’s size, IT modernization is critical to success. Migrating legacy systems to modernized environments and transforming digital landscapes are simply “table stakes.” This evolution must occur to stay competitive and, in many cases, compliant. REI Systems has a long track record of offering modernization services and solutions, and now, with our latest award of the Alliant 2 contract vehicle and our robust partner ecosystem, we are excited to offer Leading Edge Technologies (LETs) that will take your agency Beyond Modernization. These technologies include next generation solutions that can take your mobile UX to another level, build a lasting infrastructure, increase decision making through machine learning, enhance cyber security approaches holistically, and more.

Data Mastery

Everything revolves around data. Are you a Data Master?

Accuracy in decision making improves when the right data is presented at the right time to the right people. However, to truly accomplish this is no easy feat. Leveraging multiple tools and technologies, understanding the IT environment, and establishing goals are all significant tasks. REI Systems has supported federal agencies on their Data Mastery journey with experts in data science, performance management, system engineering, and security to ensure your solution meets your agency’s objectives. Data Mastery goes well beyond analytics. Through Alliant 2, agencies can access REI Systems’ leading-edge technology solutions to make sense of data captured by IoT, biometrics, recommendation engines, and more.

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Agile Infrastructures

Building an infrastructure that evolves with technologies and agency demands

Different agencies have different infrastructures and mission critical objectives. While elements of their infrastructure could be supported by government off-the-shelf solutions, to realize the greatest success a customized approach is the best approach. REI Systems’ Advisory Services Team works with agencies to build an infrastructure that takes into account various risks and threats, provides enhanced visibility and control, and is agile enough to adapt to any future technology demand or compliance requirement.

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Risk Reduction

It’s not all about cyber, but cyber plays a role

IT security has been and will continue to be a mission critical focus. Over the past 30 years, we have looked at risk reduction through various lenses. REI Systems’ Advisory Services team works with agencies to address risks and threats in the cloud, on premise, on mobile devices, during application and software development, and throughout the entire network. We have ways to reduce and eliminate other areas that introduce risk, including technical debt, physical security, modernization initiatives, and IoT. In addition, we don’t work in silos, but instead leverage a partner ecosystem of industry leaders that we integrate into our strategy to yield results far greater than any one company can provide.

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