Driving Greater Mission Impact Through Grants

For three decades, REI Systems has designed, developed, and operated grant technology solutions that annually support 45K+ awards worth $47B+. GovGrants® is our turnkey, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and full life cycle grants management solution for Government Agencies and Non-Profits that want an alternative to a complex custom system.

for the Federal Market

GovGrants® is a SaaS, Cloud-based, full life cycle grants management solution. GovGrants integrates with a variety of different systems including financial enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, SAM.gov, and Grants.gov.

GovGrants® Overview

GovGrants® is a SaaS, Cloud-based, full life cycle grants management solution for organizations that issue grants, cooperative agreements, contracts, prizes/challenges, and similar awards. It offers agencies a fully automated and task driven grants system that modernizes and improves existing legacy systems. GovGrants meets the broader shift toward configuration-driven, productized solutions that provide a cost-efficient alternative to traditional, custom-built software. Our solution also integrates with a variety of different systems including financial enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, SAM.gov, and Grants.gov.

Full Life Cycle Grants Management Capabilities

Grant managers need a solution that addresses the full grants life cycle from cradle to grave. GovGrants® is the industry’s leading enterprise-level grants management solution with capabilities and functionality to support the entire grants process through a single unified solution.


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All Grants Data in One System

GovGrants combines all grant data into a single unified solution.

With GovGrants, all of your disparate grant system data is contained in a single easily accessible, comprehensive, and flexible system.

Business Process Workflow Automation

GovGrants automates and simplifies your entire grant making workflow.

GovGrants is a task based system that incorporates grants management best practices with automated workflows and notifications, and a highly configurable approval engine that improves efficiency and accountability and increases compliance.

Automated Data Population

GovGrants automatically populates organization and grant data to downstream processes.

GovGrants improves productivity and reduces transcription errors by automatically populating organization and grant program data throughout the grant life cycle.

Automated Application Review Process

GovGrants automates and streamlines your application review process.

GovGrants improve effectiveness and efficiency by automating your application review process including inviting reviewers, standardizing scoring, and presenting scoring results.

Improved Fiscal Oversight

GovGrants includes grant monitoring and integration with ERP systems.

GovGrants includes numerous monitoring and reporting capabilities that reduce financial risk. In addition, GovGrants can integrate with your financial ERP system.

Comprehensive Reporting and Dashboards

GovGrants provides insight into grants through comprehensive reporting and dashboard capability.

GovGrants offers agencies and non-profits powerful and comprehensive business intelligence, reporting, and dashboard capability that enhances grant tracking and overall program performance

Salesforce Ecosystem

GovGrants convey all of the benefits of the Salesforce Platform ecosystem.

The Salesforce ecosystem provides GovGrants with a wide range of additional functionality, tools, and the ability to integrate with most existing agency systems.

Cost Effective

GovGrants has a substantially lower cost than custom solutions.

GovGrants is highly configurable and can be customized, all for a substantially lower cost than custom solutions while providing many benefits. GovGrants is also offered on a subscription basis with no hardware costs, no platform upgrade costs, and faster deployment.

The Louisiana Community and Technical College System (LCTCS) grants processes had been largely manual, which led to a number of operational and management challenges. GovGrants® was able to provide LCTCS with improved grant performance in a matter of months.