Our Story

Veer and Shyam

The Beginning…

REI Systems (REI) launched in 1989 with the goal of delivering Reliable, Effective, and Innovative solutions that made a difference in lives of people.

REI’s founders, Veer Bhartiya and Shyam Salona’s had a dream to create a corporate culture where small teams of people, who truly enjoy their work, are empowered to make decisions, and are encouraged to pursue goals larger than themselves. They imagined an environment where each employee is treated fairly, with respect, and where teammates help each other grow.

Together Veer and Shyam proved to be a powerful team. Veer’s bold decisiveness and innovative thinking matched well with Shyam’s analytical prowess and technical expertise. Together, they built an organization that is mission-first with a dedication to customer intimacy. Their early focus on helping REI’s customers succeed helped forge a company that chases impact and not dollars. That early belief set has carried REI forward to this day.

Veer and Shyam

Our Founders

Veer Bhartiya

Veer Bhartiya (1948-2022)

Veer served as REI Systems’ Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Executive Chairman from 1989 until 2019. Building and growing REI was one of Veer’s greatest achievements, along with making a difference in the lives of others. While running REI, he ensured strong relationships were forged between his team and his customers. Veer valued his customers and employees above all and believed that if our employees are not happy, REI’s customers wouldn’t be happy either. His leadership policy of “employees first” was one of his most prized contributions to the company’s continued and sustained success.

During Veer’s tenure, he ensured that REI teams relentlessly delivered solutions that made an impact on the lives of others. His leadership helped REI advance NASA’s innovation, improved services to human trafficking victims, and moved health grant funds faster into the hands of providers for critical patient care – just to name a few of his leadership accomplishments.

Veer Bhartiya
Shyam Salona
Shyam Salona

Shyam Salona

Shyam originally served as REI’s Chief Technology Officer, driving the innovative and mission-impacting solutions that make the firm unique in the government market. In 2015, he took over as the Chief Executive Officer of REI Systems. Today, Shyam spends his days focused on building a culture of empowered teams and developing the agility of our company as we continue to scale into a major provider of mission-critical IT solutions in government. Shyam believes the work environment that he fosters within REI Systems is the most crucial factor in REI Systems’ ability to build and deliver highly innovative solutions to our customers.

Shyam’s vision for the future of REI Systems is simple. The community that we live and work in along with all its stakeholders – customers and employees will trust the company to do what is right and to keep its word. Most importantly, REI will continue to strive to leave our customers, employees, and our community better off than before.

Key Milestones


REI developed the first NASA SBIR/STTR Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) EHB.


1st employee joins REI and REI moves from a townhome basement to its first office in Vienna, VA.


REI receives 8(a) certification.

REI signs a 5-year Phase 3 contract with NASA’s SBIR/STTR program.

REI expands custom base to DOJ/OJP to develop a system for the new “Bulletproof Vest Partnership Program.


The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) presented REI with an Administrator ’s Award for Excellence in recognition of its outstanding contribution and service to the nation as a small business in satisfying the needs of the federal procurement system.


REI earned a Certificate of Excellence in recognition of its extraordinary efforts to support the Bulletproof Vest Partnership Grant Act of 1998.

FEMA reaches out to REI to develop an approach for automating support for the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program.

REI begins work with HRSA to design their Electric Grants System.


REI has grown to 100 employees.


REI awarded GSA IT Schedule contract.


REI was awarded first DoD contact to conduct pilot of it’s Maintenance Max product.


REI awarded first SLED govt contract with State of Maryland’s Women, Infants, and Children Program.


REI graduates from 8(a) program.


REI’s CTO Shyam Salona receives company’s first Fed100 award based on REI’s work on USAspending.gov.


GSA awards REI a 5-year contract to support development, operation, maintenance, and enhancement of OMB supported websites.


REI and ADG Tech form joint venture to win GSA 8(a) STARS II contract.

Following nearly ten years of working together to address the government’s toughest technology challenges, ADG Tech Consulting and REI Systems formed their first joint venture ADG-REI Technology Partners.


REI establishes new corporate headquarters in 83,500 sq ft facility in Sterling VA and opens office in Pune, India.

REI has grown to 500 employees.


REI launches GovBD product on Salesforce.com platform (AppExchange) – attracts more than 20 customers in first year


REI wins it’s first of many Washington Post Top Workplace Awards.


REI expands it’s portfolio with new customer USCIS ODOS II and the Treasury Department.

REI cited in the president’s management agenda for it’s grants management research.


REI forms second JV partnership with Agilis Tek.


REI wins Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce’s GovCon Contractor of the Year $75 Million to $300 Million.

REI was awarded FDA SIRCE Contract.


REI forms third JV Partnership with EmergeTek.

REI has grown to 800 employees.


REI named an Association for Corporate Growth’s National Capital Growth Award Winner.

REI wins Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce’s GovCon Contractor of the Year $75 Million to $300 Million for a second time.

REI forms fourth JV Partnership with FusionEdge Solutions, a dynamic SBA-approved Mentor-Protégé Joint Venture (JV) between TechSur Solutions (protégé) and REI Systems (mentor).


Looking Forward

The company has grown from a 2-person townhome basement operation to a network of four corporate facilities in the Washington Metro area with nearly 1,000 employees today.

For the last 30+ years, REI has delivered state-of-the art, highly customized, cost-effective, and innovative technology solutions to federal agencies. REI maintains an excellent reputation for providing effective and reliable IT solutions. Earning its success through sincerity of purpose, consistency of focus, disciplined commitment to serving, and making a difference in support of the program mission of our customers.

As we look ahead into the coming years, our vision is to grow sustainably, creating new opportunities for all. We want to continue to retain the entrepreneurial spirit, passion, and hunger of that startup from 30 years ago.

REI team in front of the REI headquarters