Security Is Everyone’s Responsibility

Our DevSecOps approach to software development involves agile delivery, cross-team collaboration, automation, cloud-first solutions, user center design, and secure development practices based on robust CI/CD pipelines, enabling us to deliver citizen services faster and with enhanced security.

Our Mindful Modernization® approach incorporates DevSecOps for the frequent delivery of functional and secure software.

Delivering secure, streamlined software quickly, while fostering greater collaboration

Optimizing trademark timeliness in service delivery and enhancing quality

Building a secure and scalable solution while improving speed-to-market


Learn how DevSecOps can help your agency meet the rapid pace of change

DevSecOps helps agencies reduce their risks, achieve IT objectives, and provide citizens with the quality of digital services they expect.

DevSecOps Capabilities

The digital world is complicated today and fast-changing. We ease these challenges with DevSecOps, helping tech teams work better, faster, and more securely to automate delivery of citizen services.

01 Security Standardization, Testing, Automation, and Monitoring

Our Agile teams prioritize designing for the security of data, services, and infrastructure, integrating security testing at every stage of the software lifecycle. For instance, we implement an Authorization to Operate (ATO) process utilizing security measures such as Static Code Analysis (SCA) with HP Fortify within an automated pipeline.

02 Agile Delivery

REI’s Agile delivery emphasizes user experience and mission impact, frequent releases based on iterative feature development, user engagement, and continuous feedback loops, improvement, and adaptation. REI implements SCRUM and Kanban in addition to other agile frameworks for larger projects with dynamic requirements to ensure on time delivery.

03 CI/CD Pipelines

Our team sets up and upkeeps CI/CD pipelines to produce top-notch capabilities swiftly deployable to production. We manage hundreds of services through automated pipeline, facilitating seamless continuous release procedures.

04 Relentless Automation

We automate every aspect of development, including Infrastructure as Code, testing, monitoring and integration, ensuring the delivery of high-quality, secure, and rapid digital solutions.

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