Our Partners

Our Partners

Delivering Mission Impact Takes a Team

Our partners are critical to providing deep domain expertise as well as enhancing the next generation of solutions we develop and deploy for our customers. We are open to teaming with organizations of all sizes and from all socioeconomic categories. After all, the best ideas come from diverse perspectives.

Technology Partners
While we are a technology agnostic company, we partner with leading technology providers such as:

ISV Partner

Partner Network

Certified Partner

Data Visualization


Academic Partners

Higher education institutions employ researchers who are dedicated to advancing technology. REI partners with leading academic institutions to bring that insight into government via discussions, presentations, events, articles, and blogs.

Industry Affiliate Partners

Bridging the divide between government and industry often requires engaging in deeper dialogue and collaboration. REI is an active participant in many organizations and contributes both thought leadership and organizational support to facilitate impactful conversations. 

Joint Venture Partners

We sought specific partnerships to ensure we have the best resources, expertise, and technologies to deliver the most impactful solutions to our customers.

Mentor-Protégé Partners

At some point, REI was a small business. We believe in giving back and helping the next generation of small businesses. We understand the value of the agility, innovation, and diversity small business bring to government and our clients.


Interested in Partnering with Us?