Customer Experience

Delivering Digital Foresight for Seamless Customer Experiences

Our solutions create positive customer experiences that strengthen citizens opinions of and trust in government.

We build optimized experiences at all touchpoints by understanding the unique needs of system stakeholders, using proven techniques to guide feature and process prioritization and development.  The customer-centric nature of our software leads to customer satisfaction.

An Intro Into REI Systems Customer Experience Services

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Increase Your Customer Satisfaction

REI’s CX Playbook offers federal agencies a step-by-step guide with best practices, checklists, advice from experts, and templates on how to create modern applications and digital services that improve customer experiences.

CX Capabilities

We understand your customers are unique, so we employ personalized human-centered
design to ensure that all customer needs are met.

01 Research

We employ the latest qualitative and quantitative CX research techniques like customer interviews, surveys, focus groups, customer personas, and mapping to understand the current customer journey and gain insight into creating a new one that is enjoyable and easy.

02 Strategy & Ideation

Our Team leverages customer-driven data and client goals to develop a CX strategy and service design model options. We begin with divergent brainstorming sessions before narrowing on a design solution.

03 Design & Development

We begin designing the larger CX solution based on our mapping and brainstorming session. In this phase, our agile process ensures unproven ideas are stopped and retired, and new, viable ideas are further developed.

04 Measurement & Optimization

Now that the touchpoints and interactions are in place, we measure the new customer experience with tools and automation. The data from those tools help us optimize pieces of the journey for continuous improvement.


Learn how customer-centric solutions drive impact

CX better meets customer needs and increases customer satisfaction.

Delivering services faster to human trafficking victims

Increasing federal innovation grants applications

Reducing work from hours to minutes at FDA

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