Successful Transformation is Holistic in Nature

Too often, modernization projects are boiled down to technology and process. There exist other major impediments to modernization, like the people and culture piece. Our Mindful Modernization® approach transforms an agency’s mindset, operations, and technology with a holistic customer-centric, agile, and secure solution.

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REI Systems Mindful Modernization

Mindful Modernization Success Story

Better Connecting Innovators with Federal Funds to Change the World

Our client helps businesses commercialize their innovations. The agency’s public website serves as a gateway for connecting entrepreneurs with federal funding, but its lack of user-centered design and search made it difficult to understand the program and find the information entrepreneurs needed.

Using our Mindful Modernization approach, REI applied our agile and human-centered design processes to build a cloud-native, web application and implemented a Google-like search capability to advance search results.

We took a confusing and overwhelming process of applying for government funding and made it easier and faster for small businesses to commercialize their innovations.


  Scaled mission operations
  Improved citizen user experience
  Increased applications
  Streamlined processes


We Help You Respond to Mission Challenges

Our impressive track record of delivering successful solutions into production is due to our Mindful Modernization approach. We help clients:

  • red arrow  Increase program productivity through streamlined processes and automation
  • red arrow  Scale mission capabilities on-demand to meet challenges
  • red arrow  Extract and analyze critical data for actionable mission strategies
  • red arrow  Boost customer satisfaction for greater trust 

REI’s Application Modernization Capability Overview

Customer Satisfaction co-workers together

Build Modern Apps That Improve Citizen Experiences

REI’s CX Playbook offers federal agencies a step-by-step guide with best practices, checklists, and templates about how to create modern applications and digital services that increase customer satisfaction.