Artificial Intelligence

AI Solves Problems to Optimize Your Mission Capabilities

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used to solve a plethora of government challenges and enable breakthrough technologies that optimize mission performance. Government is starting to use AI to make welfare payments and immigration decisions, detect fraud, and respond to citizens. We are only in the beginning stages of learning how AI can help government. REI helps agencies leverage AI and robotic process automation (RPA) solutions that can be applied to solve problems and improve capabilities.

Navigating the Federal AI Governance and Risk Management Landscape

The Dos and Don’ts of AI in Government

Crafting an Effective Predictive AI Model

Roadmap to Transformation


Learn how AI can help your agency meet ever growing and changing demands

Our team of data scientists and architects work with you to conceptualize how AI can optimize your business processes with less effort and cost. Offering AI services and tool expertise in advanced analytics, traditional machine learning, natural language processing, and deep learning and RPA to build digital experiences that increase mission productivity.

Benefits of AI Technologies

01 Deliver Services Faster

Government can use AI as an augmented workforce to clear out case management backlogs, predict natural disasters, or power drones that inspect dangerous areas instead of putting lives at risk. For example, we developed a chatbot for the Small Business Administration to automate and deliver faster help desk services.

02 Automate Routine Tasks

AI automates simple, repetitive tasks to streamline operations and expand an agency’s digital workforce. Employees can then focus time on more high-level tasks. For the General Services Administration, REI developed an automated solution that converted 16,000 reports from a legacy system to a modern platform.

03 Improve Routine Tasks

AI/ML is brilliant in analyzing customer behavior that then gets incorporated into citizen-facing applications for a better overall customer experience. For example, we built an AI virtual assistant on the Human Resources and Services Administration’s (HRSA) Electronic Handbook portal to respond to various user needs.

04 Advance Innovation

Artificial intelligence is slated to innovate in areas we never expected. Even today, AI/ML is innovating in the way we deliver cancer treatments. Advanced AI/ML models are now recommending individual cancer treatments, so doctor’s make the most informed choices.

AI Technologies

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