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The Challenge

Today, more than ever before, Governments are inundated with data but struggle with converting data into the insight required to make informed policy decisions. REI’s Government Data Analytics solutions help agencies better understand their data, translate data into insight, and support policy and operational decision-making. We understand the need to eliminate monologue data discussions by equipping our customers with tailored data solutions.


Our Approach to Data Storytelling

The Struggle: Government converting data into insights

Management Analytics

We engage with our customers to better understand their data, we ask: Who – What – When – Where – Why – How.

REI leverages a number of technology solutions for Government including Tableau®, R®, and an REI-developed open source analytics tool, GovDashboard®, to deliver management analytics. Independent of technology, our management analytics approach is closely linked to the Zachman Framework.

REI uses this framework as a foundation for establishing compatibility and standardization across multiple data sources, driving better data quality, and generating insights that address our clients’ most important business questions.

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Grants Analytics

REI is a leader in grants management solutions.

For more than 20 years, we have designed, developed, and deployed grants management solutions for Government. A natural extension of this expertise is to drive grant mission outcomes through analytics. Across the grants life-cycle, from planning to closeout, our Government Data Analytics for grants give agencies greater control over their grant programs and produce evidence-based results.

Program managers, grant officials, and executives can:

  • Unlock, organize, and integrate data typically stored away in grant systems, government data warehouses, and spreadsheets
  • Gain new insights into grant, programmatic, financial, and performance data
  • Assess mission impact through the lens of “return on funding”

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Using Tableau and Hyper

Our data analytics pipeline allows agencies to describe the current situation, diagnose problems in real time, and predict the future based on past data. Our platform supports visual discovery, self-service reporting, predictive analytics and more. We embed Tableau dashboards into our user applications with 508 Compliant data accessibility.

REI Systems was tasked to modernize a legacy reporting system to support real-time analytics. We utilized Modern BI architecture techniques to provide real-time data transformation and aggregation capabilities using Hyper, allowing agencies to generate insight and supporting evidence-based decision making.

REI’s Full-Service Support



With the explosion of raw data, visualizations can help identify when data points become a trend, find outliers, and actually persuade stakeholders to change their mind. Often, data isn’t helpful without the right sort of visualization and associated business implication.



We can provide experts in data science, performance management, systems engineering, and security to ensure your data is converted into actionable insight.



Meaningful visualization cannot exist in the absence of data governance. Our solutions integrate your existing data management infrastructure with Hadoop, Greenplum, and other ETL and big data tools, enabling your agency to gain deeper insight into your constituencies, finances, and mission processes.



Analytics need not be relegated to the domain of data scientists and IT. The most impactful data analytics solutions should be accessible to business users. REI helps build your agency’s internal data analytics capacity by providing training to end users and offering tools for your staff to analyze issues without a need for technical support.


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Government Analytics Breakfast Forum

Building an Analytics Community – the GAB Forum

REI Systems and Johns Hopkins University bring you the Government Analytics Breakfast (GAB) Forum, where professionals from Government, academia, and the corporate community discuss how Government analytics can enable real-world successes and support learning of critical lessons from actual experience.

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REI helps agencies better understand their data across a variety of business functions. Our focus is on converting raw data into visualizations that drive better decision making, greater accountability, and superior mission outcomes.

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