REI Has Deep Domain Knowledge and Experience in Our Industries

REI provides digital government transformations to a few industries that we know well so we can make the biggest mission impact. Our focus means we know our customers, their missions, their programs, and their challenges. Our intimate industry knowledge positions us to develop the best solutions.


Healthcare agencies and organizations face some of the most profound challenges, and fluctuating global health changes and regulations. REI provides healthcare technology solutions that help agencies advance what matters—patients and outcomes for healthier Americans.

Government Operations

Government operations agencies are constantly asked to deliver value and savings in real estate, acquisition, technology, and other mission-support services across government. We help those agencies with technologies, methods, and strategies that improve performance and allow for greater transparency.

Homeland Security and Defense

Security and Defense agencies face numerous threats from foreign assaults, national disasters, physical and digital infrastructure attacks, and domestic terrorism. We help security agencies innovate and modernize their technology to be prepared for whatever happens. 


For financial regulatory agencies to understand, audit, and hold accountable a range of financial institutions, they must be able to keep up with private sector entities. REI helps financial regulatory agencies implement technology solutions that keep them ahead of the curve.

State, Local, and Nonprofit

State, local, and nonprofits provide valuable public services to citizens from recovery initiatives to innovative research to healthcare to educational programs. REI Systems helps state, local, and nonprofit entities capture grant funding, use monies efficiently (including making subgrants), and focus on results for their own missions.

Science and Technology

REI focuses on delivering grants management and small business innovation and research systems that foster future scientific and technological discoveries. We help NASA and the Department of Defense advance scientific innovations that solve some of the world’s greatest challenges while keeping America competitive globally.