Trusted Advisor for Your TBM Journey

Technology Business Management (TBM) offers enormous potential to federal, state, and local government agencies to maximize the business value of their IT and make more strategic, insightful, and data-driven decisions. It provides a standard taxonomy for IT and conventional methods of measuring costs, which increases transparency and performance. While getting started can feel overwhelming, implementing TBM can begin in small agile projects that scale over time. The best way to gain the advantages of TBM is just to start.

REI Systems understands the critical role TBM plays in helping our clients modernize IT, utilizing shared services, and keeping up with an evolving digital economy. We are currently advising key decision-makers in the Federal Government and working closely with agencies to help them navigate their TBM journeys.

  • We are a trusted advisor and SME for GSA Office of Government-wide Policy TBM team.
  • We have supported CIO Council and GSA-chartered TBM initiatives, including the TBM Cost Pool Pilot.
  • We offer a balanced TBM approach focusing on data, processes, systems, and people/culture.

Get Started

To help government agencies get started, we now offer a series of microconsulting services: short engagements that provide clear value and define the next steps you need to take to move along your TBM journey. This set of services will quickly get you up-to-speed in terms of understanding:

  • What TBM is and its many benefits
  • How it can address specific agency challenges
  • Where and how to start planning
  • Who should be involved

For more information on REI Systems’ TBM services, which include boot camps, visioning sessions, TBM readiness assessments, microconsulting, and more, please click on the buttons below.