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Across all of REI’s core offerings – from enterprise-wide grants management systems to solutions that drive greater Government accountability – there are a few core tenets to how we deliver our solutions that apply equally regardless of mission, solution, or customer.

A Technology-Agnostic Solution Approach

We view technology as an enabler of mission success, not as an end all, be all. The best, most innovative technologies don’t always yield the best outcomes. It is with this fundamental understanding that our project teams work side-by-side with our customers to determine the best approaches and technologies to solving their unique challenges.

The business problem comes first, the technology solution second. While we have tremendous depth with a variety of application languages (including Java/J2EE, Microsoft .NET/SQL, PHP, Python, and JavaScript frameworks) as well as numerous CMS, BPM, data analytics, and CRM solutions, our focus is on delivering mission impact with the most appropriate technology solution.


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Agile Delivery Framework

At REI, we readily embrace the challenge of solving the hardest problems in Government, but we also realize that the best solutions aren’t perfect on day one. IT solutions must inherently change as needs shift. Flexibility is key. Taking multiple years to deliver impact is no longer reasonable in today’s fast-moving world. That is why all of our project work is approached with an Agile mindset. We seek to deliver value faster while retaining the ability to change directions quickly.

Our incremental delivery process involves breaking large, complex efforts into smaller pieces, each of which are usable by our customer. The result is that we can more rapidly adapt to evolving needs, are keen to collaborate more closely with our customers, and are eager to experiment in real-time to build the highest quality and most intuitive IT solutions.


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User Adoption Services

Even the highest quality and most innovative solutions will fail if they are not adopted by end-users. At REI, we believe that an IT system is only as valuable as its ease of use, intuitive design, and overall usability. Throughout the delivery process – from the initial stages of design to testing prior to deployment – we make sure that the solutions we are building will be embraced by end-users.

However, technology alone doesn’t drive behavior changes so we offer ancillary services to support the technologies we create. In-depth training, organizational change management support, and effective communications strategies are all part of our advisory services portfolio.


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