Partnered with the best

REI Systems is prepared to support your current IT challenges and create an agile environment that can adapt to future requirements. We have deep expertise in Technology Business Management (TBM), grants management solutions, cloud, advisory services, and analytics. What you may not know is that our partner ecosystem, carefully chosen for their industry expertise, integration abilities, culture, and passion for customer excellence, widens our technology portfolio to deliver more robust end-to-end solutions.

What are leading edge technologies?

Alliant 2 and REI Systems open the doors to “what could be” in IT by enabling federal agencies to purchase next generation solutions today from a reliable, effective, and innovative company. These technologies thrust agencies into the forefront. No longer do government organizations have to be followers of private sector; instead, they can be the pioneers of cutting edge initiatives.

Alliant 2 was determined to be a Best in Class vehicle by OMB. For a quick rundown on features and benefits, download the Alliant 2 brochure.

Alliant 2: Artificial Intelligence, Autonomic Computing, Big Data, Biometrics, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Health Information Technology, The Internet of Things, Mobile IT, Virtual Networking, Other IT Modernization