Application Modernization

Application Modernization

Modern Applications Make an Impact

Demands on government are ever-growing and ever-changing, so it’s vital to build modern applications that quickly adapt and support ever-evolving business requirements for better mission outcomes. Application modernization improves productivity, scales capabilities, increases agility, boosts security, enhances user experiences, and better leverages data.


REI Systems modernizes government systems using a Mindful Modernization® approach that strategically aligns your mission goals and user demands with your technology roadmap. Not only do we harness Agile, DevSecOps, and Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines to establish “build on-cadence” and “delivery on-demand” approaches for faster delivery, but we also apply security engineering, portable architectures, automation, and customer experience into the software development lifecycle. To strengthen our client capabilities, we leverage the power of the cloud, data, and emerging technologies like AI/ML. REI helps accelerate our clients’ technology modernization successes with our tailored Advisory Services.

Mindful Modernization® Approach

Puts People at the Center

We apply human-centered design during our application modernization projects to discover the sweet spot of meeting business and IT requirements while ensuring the real needs and desires of people using our system are met.

Makes Agile the Mindset

REI developed an Agile Delivery Framework that combines T-shape skilled people, systematic and operationalized process, and industry best technology stakes to accelerate deployment.

Leverages Data for Decisions

Our modernized applications leverage data strategies, structures, and tools to uncover new patterns, trends, and relationships for a data-smart government.

Incorporates Security from Inception

Our DevSecOps focuses on security-first architecture—implementing defense in depth to maximize protection of user, data, and systems during the initial build.

Mitigates Risk and Maximizes ROI

We collaborate with customers to identify and mitigate risks during the entire modernization project. Our Technology Business Management (TBM) services ensure that your IT modernization project aligns with your mission, IT, and expected return on investment.

HHS increased services to human trafficking victims with a modernized case management application.