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Grants Management

Advance Your Mission with Grant Management Systems that Automate Processes

Grant Management Systems help you automate the entire lifecycle from solicitation to managing applications to selecting awardees and metrics reporting. REI Systems’ grants management software helps streamline grant operations, manage risks, enhance reporting, and improve the impact and outcomes of grant programs. We provide the technology to manage and automate grant process and compliance reporting, enabling teams to focus on what matters most, the program’s mission. 


Our Grant Management Services

REI combines more than 30 years of experience implementing advanced grants management systems with a deep understanding of the business challenges, drivers, and desired outcomes from complex grant programs. Our full lifecycle solutions assist agencies with soliciting applications, executing grant processes, monitoring finances, and managing program performance in the context of a grant or other federal award.

We provide a choice of cloud-based custom, turnkey, and modular solutions to manage complex business processes—collaborating with you every step of the way to meet your specific needs.

REI Grant Management Solution Benefits

Streamline and Automate the Grants Management Process

REI’s grants management systems reduce error rates, streamline processes for simplicity and efficiency, lessen manual administrative tasks, and increase productivity for direct mission-related responsibilities.

Offer Insights and Analytics Into Grant Data

A grants management system is only as valuable as the data in it. Our grant management solutions are built to collect, house, and process grant data for making better decisions, identifying waste and abuse, and justifying sustainable grants programs.

Keep Programs Compliant

REI’s grant management solutions are developed with oversight and compliance process checks to ensure programs stay compliant. Our systems offer electronic approvals that are 100% traceable for full auditability, secure storage of documents, and records retention enforcement safeguards.

Improve User and Customer Experiences

Our grant management solutions are built and managed using human-centered design (HCD). Our HCD principles and deep domain experience in grants management systems ensure a richer, intuitive user experience, better productivity, and reduced on-ramp time for new users.

Custom Grants Management Software Solutions

For over 20 years, REI Systems has been a leading provider of end-to-end custom grants management software for federal agencies. Our robust and comprehensive systems support the entire grants lifecycle through to reporting and ROI. We harness emerging technologies like artificial intelligence/machine learning and blockchain to provide deep system capabilities and optimize the grants management process.

REI centralized, streamlined, and continuously modernized a custom grants management system for the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) to help millions of patients gain access to critical healthcare services.

Turnkey Grants Management System

GovGrants is a full lifecycle grants management SaaS solution powered by Salesforce for federal, state, and local governments.

GovGrants, a cloud-based enterprise-level off-the-shelf automated grants management solution, offers an alternative for agencies that don’t need the scope or scale of a traditional custom-built grants solution.

Moving your grant management system to the cloud offers agencies a fully automated SaaS solution that is delivered when and as needed. 


REI’s grants management cloud-based solution, GovGrants, helped DC’s Department of Health eliminate manual entry-related errors, eradicate paper-based forms, and reduce audit findings.

Modular Grants Management Solution

GovReview manages the application peer review process, generates peer review scores and streamlines interactions between reviewers and an agency to strengthen the peer review activities.

GovReview easily integrates with grant management solutions, allowing the grant process to proceed faster by letting experts put more of their energy and expertise where it is valuable—the selection of the most meritorious applications—and less effort into administrative tasks.



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Supporting Small Business Innovation Research for 27 Years and Counting

REI Systems’ modular grants management solution covers every facet of the portfolio management ecosystem for any Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. We build, manage, maintain, automate, and modernize across the full SBIR/Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) lifecycle and can easily tailor our solution and support to a specific need and maturity level.