Our Strength: Our People

At REI, our 500+ employee-owners thrive on the feeling that comes from exceeding our customers’ expectations. We live by the truth that happy employees create happy customers. That’s why we’ve developed a culture of service that values our shared commitment to each other and to making a difference by improving Government through technology. This commitment would not be possible without an emphasis on professional development, a focus on our physical and mental health, and – of course – having fun!

Whether we are talking about our agency customers, our industry partners, or our people, it all comes down to what we value most: Results. Period.

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One of D.C.‘s Best Places to Work… Time and Time Again

Our dedication to building one of the best workplaces around the beltway has paid off:


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REI’s workforce includes some of the best agile developers, administrative assistants, business development wizards, consultants, and scrum masters we’ve ever met – plus almost anything else you can think of!  Interested in joining our team?

Igniting the SPARK

We achieve results by kindling this SPARK in every employee. The culture embodied by REI is focused on extreme customer service with an emphasis on the passionate pursuits of one’s ambitions. SPARK is an acronym that summarizes our core values:

Service to the Client above All
Passion for Success
Attitude Always Positive
Ready for the Challenge
Keep Your Promises

REI: Not Just Another Government Contractor

REI isn’t your average workplace. We’re a tight-knit community of people we call the REI family. Even after the workday is done, REI employees enjoy participating in employee-run extracurricular activities like the Happy Feet Program and our annual Hackathon, which allows teams to compete over a weekend to produce a working solution to a real-world problem.

Commitment To Continued Education


SOAR is an in-house, eight-month training program with the goal of teaching self-awareness to our leadership team and future leaders. As humans, we tend to think that if the results we get are not the results we want, it is a direct result of the actions we are taking. SOAR encourages personal transformation and builds self-awareness by asking students to identify their own needs and demonstrating how these develop into leadership skills.

Full-Time Coach
REI is proud to offer our employees access to our full-time, on-site Personal and Professional Development Coach, who works with employees, teams, and company leadership to help individuals push past any internal – or external – blockers that they may have to being happier, more successful people. Coaching is available not just to executives or high performers, but to all employees at REI.
Personal Wellness and Development

We offer 40 hours of paid professional development each year, but we’re also committed to our employees’ personal physical and mental health. In addition to our extracurricular Happy Feet Program, REI offers frequent seminars about physical activity, nutrition, stress management, and financial best practices.

Having Fun Together

From our Happy Feet program and annual sports tournaments to Bagel Friday and holiday celebrations, there’s always something to look forward to at REI.

REI Cares

REI employees care deeply for each other, their communities, and the world. REI Cares is an employee-driven initiative that was formed to support employees in need as well as charitable and educational organizations. Employees who participate in REI Cares have organized food drives, clothing drives, and fundraisers to help those in need – both members of our direct REI Family and the global community.


Noticing Excellence Every Day… and everyday excellence

We believe in recognizing our employees when they do amazing work. We have employee recognition programs for almost every type of excellence you can think of. Whether it’s creating a great new process for a customer or building and maintaining constant communication with everyone you work with on a day-to-day basis, your superiors will take notice.

So – what are you waiting for?

The REI Family is always looking for new members, and we think you’ll fit right in.