June 15, 2017

Five REI teammates standing in front of a windowSterling, VA—REI Systems (REI) announced today that it has been awarded a contract to support the Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI) website, which serves as the central communications interface for successfully executing the FAI government-wide mission—“Foster a high-performing, qualified civilian acquisition workforce.” The REI / FAI kickoff meeting was successfully conducted on June 1, 2017 at FAI’s office on Fort Belvoir. FAI falls under the General Services Administration’s Office of Government-wide Policy (GSA OGP) and receives strategic direction from the Office of Federal Procurement Policy.

Under this 5-year contract, REI will enhance the FAI.gov site by making it an intuitive and integrated single point of entry for the civilian acquisition workforce community. Currently, FAI’s training system, FAITAS—Federal Acquisition Institute Training Application System is hosted separately from FAI.gov.  REI’s work will include aligning FAITAS and FAI.gov to improve usability and data collection capabilities for acquisition workforce policies, processes and programs. The FAI team plays a critical, unique, and multi-pronged role in developing and maturing acquisition workforce readiness. FAI seeks to ensure availability of exceptional training, provide compelling research, promote professionalism, and improve acquisition workforce management.

About REI Systems

Since 1989, REI Systems has developed and sustained decades-long customer relationships by providing innovative solutions that ultimately impact millions of peoples’ lives. From supporting the infrastructure and software that disburses more than $20B in grants for more than 1,700 federal programs each year to building and sustaining advanced analytics and data visualization platforms supporting the last three U.S. Presidents’ Open Data initiatives, our solutions are innovative and key to the infrastructure of our nation. As a missions-first Government technology solutions provider, we specialize in Agile software development, CI/CD, DevOps, application modernization, and platform-based solutions. Our 500+ employee-owners pride themselves in delivering meaningful and sustainable results that consistently exceed our customers’ expectations.

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Jeff Myers
Senior Director