July 28, 2017

Federal governments give away more $600 billion dollars in grant money each year for a wide range of programs, from highway construction to education to health care. Much of this funding goes to states and state agencies. However, it’s important to understand that there is no such thing as “free money” when it comes to securing a federal grant. Accurate and fully accountable tracking and management of grant funding is required, and can be complicated.  Thus, many states want to use modern technology to ensure that they can accurately and efficiently manage and account for federal grant dollars – and in turn to make grants to their own subdivision counties, cities and other entities. As a state considers its options for the best technology to use in managing grants, there is always value in learning what other states have done.  Since REI Systems works with many federal agency grant-makers, and with a number of states that both receive and make grants, REI offers a unique perspective on what technology is needed, as well as the specific requirements and evaluation criteria that states are using.

If you’d like perspective on what technology is needed, you’ll find ideas and perspectives here:

If you’d like to see what several states are doing, REI Systems has gathered RFPs from several states that describe both the requirements those states have identified, as well as the criteria they used to select the technology to support their grant management roles. These examples include:

  • Rhode Island’s state-wide Grants Management System RFP
  • Utah’s Enterprise Grants Management System RFP
  • Minnesota Department of Health’s RFP for an Off-The-Shelf, Web-Based SaaS Solution for the Management of all Grants
  • A model RFP developed by REI that includes advantageous features from numerous sources.

To obtain one or more of the RFPs listed above, click below.

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