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The Challenge

Citizens expect their public institutions to be accountable. REI drives increased trust in Government by making data public and understandable. For example, REI has made more than 50 million Government data records transparent by designing, developing, and operating public-facing dashboards such as,,, and

Government Accountability Is More Vital Than Ever

Strengthening Democracy

Having an accountable Government strengthens our democracy and promotes efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability. REI has been helping Government agencies engender greater trust among citizens by helping the Government understand the information that citizens want and value.

Open Source, Open Government

REI was the first to use open-source (i.e., no cost) technologies, such as the Drupal content management system, to provide the public with easily-searchable information about the Government. We did so for the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the GSA, starting with the development of Since then, REI took the lead in developing more than 20 accountability in Government platforms using open-source tools, including,,, and,, and

Expecting More

Today, people expect to receive information from businesses, friends, and – now – the Government online. REI helps Government clients decide what to share (and what not to), how to keep that information secure, and how it can best be understood by everyday citizens.

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