The REI Way

The REI Way is a collection of traits, qualities, core values, and principles that guide us in making the right decisions, achieving excellence, and maintaining our tradition of unparalleled customer service.

We strive to ensure that every one of our employees demonstrates these values both, in the way that we work and in the results we produce. We believe that great employees make for happy customers. Our unwavering commitment to excellence means our customers are confident that their projects are being handled the REI Way. From the Federal, state, and local governments, to the non-profit and private sectors, the REI Way has consistently produced exemplary solutions in the industry.

Our first four customers – NASA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Department of Justice, and the Health Resources and Services Administration – remain REI customers today, as do the vast majority of the customers who have engaged us along the way.

Our Federal Customers

Our State & Local Customers

Our Commercial Customers

Our Nonprofit Customers