The Flexibility and Scalability of the Cloud Is Transformational

The cloud is transforming businesses across every industry, and government is no different. Agencies can leverage the cloud to deliver improved services to citizens, support and scale their mission critical operations, and enhance business outcomes with innovative technologies the cloud has to offer in data analytics, security, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and serverless computing.


Our Cloud Services

REI’s enterprise cloud transformation framework helps organizations intelligently adopt cloud technologies specific to their mission requirements. We support the entire cloud lifecycle from strategy to application modernization through migration and management—we offer the right tools, processes, security expertise, and partnership ecosystem to help government agencies realize the full business value of the cloud application migration strategy.

Cloud Native Technologies

Benefits of Cloud Migration

Improve Operations and Agility

Well-architected cloud environments have few issues, are much more reliable and secure, and take the burden of operational management off IT teams so they can focus on mission-related systems. We design cloud environments to meet your confidentiality, integrity, and availability demands. The cloud improves innovation and experimentation by simplifying the process of quickly activating new capabilities.

Strengthen Security

REI helped set the standard for cloud migration across government by supporting the development of the General Services Administration and the Office of Management and Budget’s security policy. We bake in layered security from inception with the software we deliver through the cloud environments we build and manage, using best practices like immutable infrastructure deployed through continuous delivery pipelines, multifactor authentication, and FISMA-compliant technology.

Leverage Emerging Technologies

The cloud offers the ability to leverage new capabilities like containers, serverless computing, microservices, the Internet of Things, big data, AI/ML and much more. These emerging technologies can take agencies to the next phase of mission innovation without significant up-front investment.

While cloud computing has many known benefits, it is not always the right option for government agencies. Read more about when and what should be moved to the cloud.