Grants Management Systems

Grants Management Systems

Full Lifecycle Grants Management Systems

For over 30 years REI Systems grants management software streamlines the grant management process with automated solutions for better mission outcomes. We provide the technology to manage and automate the full grant process lifecycle and compliance reporting, so teams can focus on that matters most — the mission. 

Grants Management System Solutions

For over 20 years, REI Systems has been a leading provider of end-to-end grants management software solutions for government and nonprofits. Our robust and comprehensive systems support the entire grants lifecycle. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as AI and blockchain, we empower our clients with robust capabilities, ensuring the optimization of their grants management process.

We provide custom grant management systems for those federal agencies that have large and intricate grant programs, as well as an off-the-shelf grant management solution for organizations with smaller grant program. At REI, we understand the diverse needs of grant-making organizations and meet our clients where they are with the right solution they need.

    A turnkey software-as-a-service solution that automates your entire grants management process

    A modular application that automates, streamlines, and accelerates the peer review process

    Grants Management Systems Benefits

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    Streamlines & Automates

    Reduce error rates, streamline processes for simplicity and efficiency, lessen manual administrative tasks, and increase productivity. 

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    Insights & Analytics

    Collect, house, and process grant data for making better decisions, identifying waste and abuse, and justifying sustainable grants programs. 

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    Our solutions are developed with oversight and compliance process checks to ensure programs stay compliant. Offering electronic approvals, secure storage, and records retention enforcement safeguards. 

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    User & Customer Experience

    Our human-centered design (HCD) principles and deep domain experience in grants management systems ensure a richer, intuitive user experience, better productivity, and shorter on-ramp time for new users. 

    Capabilities Accelerating

    The Power of Grants Management

    Modernizing Legacy Systems

    Building modern applications using our Mindful Modernization® approach  to support ever-evolving business requirements for better mission outcomes. 

    Rapid deployment across the enterprise

    By utilizing low-code with other applications, we can resolve complex processes faster and integrate mission-critical systems with ease.

    Seamless cloud integration for modern transformation

    No matter where our customers are on their journey, we help deliver the modern systems to meet the expanded demands of tomorrow.

    Processing Data for Better Insights

    Transforming government data analytics into valuable and actionable insights so government can  better serve citizens.

    Our Impact

    REI combines more than 30 years of domain expertise implementing advanced grants management systems in addition to engaging in the grants community through the Annual Grants Managment survey and insightful thought leadership. 

    REI Systems Is Contracted by State of Utah for GovGrants® Implementation

    REI Systems Is Contracted by State of Utah for GovGrants® Implementation

    Sterling, Va. – REI Systems announced today that it has been contracted by the State of Utah to implement GovGrants® – REI's cloud-based grants management solution built on the Salesforce platform – for 3 state agencies: the Utah State Board of Education, Office of Victims of Crime, and Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice. The State plans to bring other agencies onto the system as success is demonstrated.
    REI Systems Implements GovGrants® in the City of San Diego

    REI Systems Implements GovGrants® in the City of San Diego

    REI Systems is in Phase Two of Releasing GovGrants Functionality in San Diego

    GovGrants® Receives High Praise from Louisiana Community and Technical College System

    GovGrants has been successfully deployed to bolster LCTCS’ grants management processes.
    Cloud Based Grants Management

    Cloud Based Grants Management

    During fiscal year 2012, the U.S. federal government spent $539.4 billion through grant programs, most through state and local (S&L) governments. The federal government has undertaken numerous initiatives to automate and improve their grants management process, including Grants.gov.
    A Strategy for CHIPS Grants Management

    A Strategy for CHIPS Grants Management

    Zero-Trust Strategies: Delivering On The Promises Of Progress

    Zero-Trust Strategies: Delivering On The Promises Of Progress

    Blockchain–More than just bits of coins

    Blockchain–More than just bits of coins

    Finding Your SPARK as an REI Intern

    Finding Your SPARK as an REI Intern