Driving Innovation in Grants Management

REI Systems understands the struggles federal government organizations face in effectively and efficiently managing the funds you disburse:

  • You are responsible for driving mission outcomes, but you do not have direct control of grantees
  • Despite a lack of direct control, you must comply with laws and regulations requiring strong financial controls
  • You are under increasing pressure to drive better grant performance

Mission-First Solutions Tailored to Your Agency

At REI, we help you get the best results by building solutions that align your agency mission and expectations with both grantee needs and legal requirements.  We offer our customers customized solutions that take advantage of the rapidly evolving technology landscape in a cost-effective way. In addition, to address the Government’s shift towards configuration-driven, productized solutions, REI has built and deployed GovGrants, a quick-to-launch, configurable SaaS-based solution that supports all phases of the grants management life cycle.

Grants Management isn’t just something we do – it’s in our DNA

HRSA-Supported Health Centers

Customer Success: HRSA

With REI’s help, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) grants have served over 22.8 million patients at more than 9,000 health centers, resulting in a 27% increase of patients treated since 2008. And with the investment in the EHBs, HRSA was able to reduce time and effort spent by 60%, allowing staff resources to focus on making grants available to health centers across the U.S.

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