Keeping Financial Regulatory Agencies Ahead of the Curve

For federal financial regulatory agencies to understand, audit, and hold accountable a range of commercial institutions, they must be able to keep up with the private sector entities they regulate. REI helps financial regulatory agencies select, invest in, and more quickly implement modern technologies, data analytics, and approaches like Technology Business Management (TBM) to ensure a safe and sound federal banking system for all Americans.

Rapidly Delivering Technology Tools to More Effectively Regulate

REI is using the low-code Appian software development platform to create a Central Application Tracking System for the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), a bureau within the Department of the Treasury. OCC uses our low-code technology as its key tool to regulate and supervise national banks throughout the United States. The Appian platform allows REI to develop specialized IT code and tools nearly three times as fast as would be possible writing code line-by-line.

Using Data Analytics to Identify, Assess, and Act on Risk

REI Systems helped the Treasury Department’s Office of Financial Research (OFR) to establish and strengthen its capability for analytics and data management. Our team instituted a framework for OFR’s data and business architecture and provided data management expertise to help identify and assess risks across the nation’s financial system, providing financial analysis, information, and tools for policymakers to mitigate these risks.

REI Systems delivers impact through technology innovation. Our focus is to drive impact for our customers so that they can, in turn, deliver impact to theirs.