As a Senior Director of Health Systems at REI Systems, Sid Agarwal oversees all aspects of Delivery within the organization. Ensuring that REI Systems continues to delight our customers through exceptional delivery all while connecting with their underlying mission is core to how Sid operates.

Sid holds a Master’s degree in computer engineering from Syracuse University. He began his career as a consultant at MicroStrategy working on business intelligence projects. In 2002, Sid joined REI Systems as Senior Software Engineer, serving the HRSA customer in developing a web-based enterprise grant management system called HRSA Electronic Handbooks (EHBs). Legend has it that if you look hard enough, you might still chance upon code bases which bear his name. More recently, Sid helped lead the Open Government and Public safety business unit across all aspects of growth and delivery. His success and growth can be attributed to his exceptional delivery, a strong business acumen and an innate desire to help people succeed.

Sid grew up in Kuwait and currently resides in Northern Virginia with his wife Gayatri and their twin daughters. An avid traveler, his most recent memorable trip was a ten day sojourn across Norway which included husky sledding across the vast tundra.