REI Values Our Industry Partners

Working to deliver mission impact for our customers is a team activity. At REI, we know that our partners in industry are critical to providing deep domain expertise as well as enhancing the next generation of solutions we develop and deploy for our customers. We are open to teaming with companies of all sizes and from all socioeconomic categories. After all, the best ideas and strongest relationships aren’t likely to all come from one kind of company!

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REI Invests Alongside Our Technology Partners

At our core, we are a technology agnostic company. We focus on building solutions that address our customers’ biggest needs, independent of coding language or technology stack. For that reason, we are continuously expanding the group of innovative technology companies that we partner with. Some of our long-standing technology partners include:

REI Promotes Thought Leadership with Our Educational Institution Partners

The Washington, D.C. metro area is home to some of the finest higher education institutions in the world. Many of these universities employ researchers who are dedicated to advancing the effectiveness and efficiency of Government through cutting-edge research. REI partners with several leading research institutions to foster greater collaboration between Government, academia, and industry as well as to imbue academic thought into our project delivery. Our university partners include:


REI Facilitates Greater Dialog and Learning with Our Industry Affiliate Partners

Bridging the divide between Government and industry often requires engaging in deeper dialog and collaboration. REI is an active participant in many of these forums and contributes both thought-leadership and organizational support to facilitate conversations and create opportunities for learning among both our Government and industry peers. Our industry affiliate partnerships include:

REI Relies on Our Small Business Partners

If you are a small business, and would like to partner with REI, please start a discussion with us using the form below! Our small business partners include:

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REI Participates in Joint Ventures to Help Our Small Business Partners Develop

REI Systems believes in bringing the best possible solution to our customers, and in helping small businesses develop as we have done. Therefore we have sought out specific partnerships to ensure the best resources available for our solutions. Joint Ventures in which we participate include:

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Interested In Partnering With Us?