Results. Period.

We believe that great people working together in the pursuit of common goals will achieve exceptional results. That is why we take such great pride in providing both our customers and our employees the very best a company – any company – can offer. It is our fundamental corporate responsibility to create an unparalleled work environment that encourages innovation, collaboration, and experimentation so that our employees feel empowered, challenged, and rewarded after a day’s work. That is why we intentionally create opportunities for our people to both showcase their talents and get uncomfortable. It is these opportunities that encourage our teams to stretch into new areas, providing ample learning and development.


“During the past 10 months, the level of support provided by the REI team has exceeded all expectations. They have assumed unanticipated roles in educating and proselytizing the benefits of using Agile and CI/CD, provided hands-on support and training to the operations team, addressed chronic technical problems, provided innovative solutions, and more.”

– Housing & Urban Development


Many companies use the Agile approach to develop software, but REI also uses the Agile approach to manage every aspect of our company –  from accounting, recruiting, training, and customer-relationship management, to advisory service tasks and software engineering.

Our agility gives us the dexterity to change direction as needed by breaking large, complex efforts into small pieces. The end result is that we are quick to respond, happy to collaborate and customize, eager to try things out in real-time, and we adjust quickly based on results and feedback.

The Agile approach gives method to our company’s identity: Reliable, Effective, Innovative.


“I have worked with this contractor’s staff and their can-do attitude for several years and am highly appreciative of their high level of commitment. Their exemplary performance and assertive actions in both the programmatic and procurement SBIR/STTR activities have contributed to our high success”



“I want to thank you for your dedication and quick resolution to the PIC.giv images issue! As you know, this had needlessly been a long-standing issue, as well as being painful for us to keep making excuses as to why it had not been resolved.”

– Office of Government-wide Policy, Government Services Administration


When technology works, the rest of the work becomes easier, more efficient, and less expensive. Having the kind of IT we can count on – the kind of IT that drives better mission outcomes – depends on designing, building, and deploying solutions that are high quality and implemented with the highest of standards. REI has been independently assessed to meet these standards and holds the following certifications.


CMMIDEV/3 Exp 2017-04-16 / Appraisal #22103


QAS International - ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 registered company
ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 +


QAS International - ISO 9001:2008 registered company
ISO 9001:2008 +


QAS International ISO 27001:2013 registered company
ISO/IEC 27001:2013 +

We were at the monthly backlog meeting with OGP [the Office of Government-wide Policy] this morning and in the course of the conversation, [someone] made a comment about how REI was ‘universally’ receiving kudos from all stakeholders across the board and went on to say that, given these stakeholders rarely ever interact with each other, this was a huge accomplishment.

-Office of Government-wide Policy, General Services Administration

Thank you so much!  This has been a breeze compared to some experiences I’ve had in the past.

– Department of Energy, Energy Information Administration

The REI Team is largely responsible for developing strong working relationship with operations, networking, and security – as well as [providing] help forging a cooperative working group where none existed before. The CIO, Raphael Diaz, told me that the transformation in working relationship within HUD is what impresses him the most.

-Housing & Urban Development

REI should offer classes to other contractors and the subject could be ‘How to achieve rave reviews.’

– Health Resources and Services Administration

REI places a high premium on customer service and satisfaction and are without equal in terms of delivering successful technical solutions on time and within budget.

– Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs

It is very difficult to find contractors who are so enthusiastic and, more importantly, so adjustive to our ever-changing needs and demands. Extend my thanks and good wishes to your team and management.


REI Systems has been imaginative, responsive, flexible, and effective in supporting GSA and a range of government-wide initiatives. They have performed this way consistently on a sustained basis with results that position our reputation as leading-edge [agency].

– Office of Management and Budget, GSA

The REI team certainly established for me the standard by which contractors should be measured. REI has always been, and I’m sure will always be, a group of people who strive for excellence and achieve it.

–Health Resources and Services Administration

This is the government. You are supposed to tell us it is impossible although may be doable at the very last minute. I am just not used to immediate results without complaining!


In my 25 years of working with contractors, I have rarely seen such a smart group of guys who know what they are doing [as the REI team].

-General Services Administration