Driving Greater Mission Impact Through Grants

For three decades, REI Systems has designed, developed, and operated grant technology solutions that support more than 45,000 awards annually worth $47+ billion. During that time, REI developed GovGrants®, a turnkey Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution alternative to a complex custom system.

GovGrants® is a full lifecycle grants management cloud-based solution available to organizations that issue grants, cooperative agreements, contracts, prizes/challenges, and similar awards. It offers agencies a fully automated grants system that is delivered when and as needed using SaaS. GovGrants meets the broader shift toward configuration-driven, productized solutions that provide a cost-efficient alternative to traditional, custom-built software. Our solution also integrates with a variety of different systems including financial enterprise resource planning systems, SAM.gov, and Grants.gov.

Full Lifecycle Grants Management Capabilities

Grant managers need a solution that addresses the full grants lifecycle from cradle to grave. GovGrants® is the industry’s leading enterprise-level grants management solution with capabilities and functionality to support the entire grants process through a single unified solution.


Case Study


Serve as a Single, Aggregated Source of Grants Truth
Provide Business Process and Workflow Automation
Speed Up the Cradle-to-grave Capabilities and Automated Data Flow Review and Selection Processes
Improve Grants Performance and Increased Fiscal Oversight
Increase Native Reporting and Dashboards

The Louisiana Community and Technical College System (LCTCS) grants processes had been largely manual, which led to a number of operational and management challenges. GovGrants® was able to provide LCTCS with improved grant performance in a matter of months.