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To better serve the American public at a lower total cost of ownership, REI is modernizing legacy applications using cloud platforms such as, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure.

The overarching trend in Government IT is the shift away from legacy, server-based solutions that are custom designed and built using proprietary code. Cloud-based application modernization not only reinforces the existing cloud-first priority, but also allows for quicker deployment cycles and configuration-driven modifications that lower the cost of operations and maintenance and enable accelerated system scale-up if necessary.

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Modernize government legacy applications with cloud platforms.

Legacy Application Modernization

REI uses Salesforce to configure, re-build, and/or consolidate legacy apps and create new business value for a variety of public sector uses. Agencies benefit from better collaboration, data sharing, workflow automation, mobility, and scalability.

REI’s SaaS & Cloud Products


When it comes to effectively and efficiently managing grants, state and local governments face a complex and disjointed set of processes. Grant-making agencies often face the dual challenge of being a grantee and a grantor. Agencies must both identify, apply for, and receive grant funding as well as solicit grant applications, review possible recipients, and track the use of funds. Tying an agency’s role as grantee to its responsibilities as a grantor – from both a financial and performance perspective – can be an onerous, error-prone, and highly manual process. REI solves these challenges with GovGrants, a cloud-based, quick-to-launch, automated grants management solution for agencies who want a SaaS-based, off-the-shelf solution.

GovBD: Track, Capture, Succeed

GovBD is the first cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that is built specifically for Government contractors. It is a pipeline health management tool providing Business Development (BD) professionals with the resources needed to be successful in the full BD lifecycle, from tracking the opportunity and capture, to crafting effective proposals and winning Federal business.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM solutions allow agencies to accurately track constituent needs, collaborate, and take critical action anytime, anywhere. Having the right data at the right time helps agencies make the best decisions – ones that lead to fostering trust in public institutions by customers, constituents, and partners.

Cloud First, but Not Always

While there are many known benefits to cloud computing, it is not always the right option for Government agencies. Based on lessons learned from the private sector, we provide recommendations on how the Government can encourage and facilitate the right case-by-case cloud computing decisions.

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Legacy Application Modernization

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GovBD: Track, Capture, Succeed

REI supports more than 50 companies that market to and support the Federal Government, including:

Constituent Relationship Management

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The Electronic Handbooks (EHBs) system is an end-to-end grant support and program management application that...

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