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The REI tool box is comprehensive, diverse, and expansive. We have subject matter experts in almost every major technology stack and staff who think about solution design and architecture from all possible angles. Each of the solutions we build is backed by a vast number of execution tools that can be mixed and matched to create the highest quality, highest usability systems.


REI Systems’ low code platforms combined with our Mindful Modernization approach and Agile best practices have allowed us to develop and deploy numerous mission-critical solutions for our clients.


Why Choose REI's Low Code Solution

Cloud & Platforms

At REI, we appreciate the benefits of leveraging proven commercial software and hardware capabilities. REI has long-standing partnerships with Amazon Web Services (AWS),, Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and SharePoint, Appian, Tableau, and Rackspace. In alignment with the broader cloud-first initiative, we work with our customers to evaluate cloud platforms to build sustainable solutions.


How OPIC Transitioned to the Cloud


Given our focus on incremental value delivery for our solutions, each of our project teams focuses on cultivating an environment with fewer silos between management, development, quality assurance, and operations. Our Agile delivery methodology mandates the ability to promote software into production more frequently, with less downtime and more reliably. This approach to software delivery necessitates greater collaboration between various stakeholders and parties.


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CI/CD – Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery

Our project teams use end-to-end application lifecycle automation to continuously integrate and deliver working software and hardware across the development pipeline. We have standardized the use of code repositories, build automation, and scripted regression testing to allow for software to be deployed directly into production. In this manner, our teams get feedback earlier and faster, can eliminate the duplication of work, and can accelerate the speed of delivery for our customers.


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Technology Business Management

We understand the critical role Technology Business Management (TBM) plays in helping our clients modernize IT, utilize shared services, and keep up with an evolving digital economy. Through our hands-on experience helping our clients navigate the initial stages of TBM implementation, we have learned the importance of simply getting started.


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User Experience (UX)

User experience is king on the consumer internet. At REI, we think it should be prevalent in Government applications as well. Our solutions are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive with key UX features like embedded help and easy-to-navigate pages. We understand that creating joyful experiences is not the responsibility of one or two people. Every member on a REI team approaches user needs with empathy to help create solutions that allow end users do their jobs well, quickly, intuitively, and with just the right level of support.


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Open Source

REI was one of the earliest advocates of using open source software in Government. When it is the best approach, our developers are well equipped to build upon common open source platforms. By leveraging these pools of innovation, our project teams can create solutions that are customized to our customers’ needs, but are less expensive and, often, quicker to deploy because we aren’t reinventing the wheel. Open source platforms like WordPress (CMS), Drupal (CMS), and CKAN Data Portal are all frequently used tools in our tool box.


REI Pioneered Drupal in the Federal Sector


The ability to re-use and re-configure existing capabilities to accelerate the delivery of IT solutions is core to REI’s unique approach. In addition to the intellectual knowledge and capabilities of our people, we bring a library of proven reusable assets to each of our projects. These assets allow us to jumpstart the delivery of mission-critical systems while providing sufficient flexibility for customer-specific customization. These assets cut across mobile, grants management, data analytics, and cloud solutions.


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Mobile-First Design

Today, and increasingly in the future, enterprise solution users will access IT solutions from mobile devices. The ability to access systems from any device, anywhere, and at any time is a goal that REI has infused into all of our system development processes. Instead of designing for desktop and retrofitting our solutions for mobile, our next-generation solutions are designed with desktop, laptop, and mobile users in mind from the start.


REI Goes Mobile First

REI Insights

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