We deliver solutions that make a difference and empower people.

With a focus on next generation IT solutions, REI believes that Government can better serve the public through innovative technology solutions and emerging delivery methodologies. That’s why we specialize in application modernization using cloud- and platform-based solutions, grants management, and data analytics and visualization.

We won our very first contract with NASA in 1989, and we continue to serve every customer that we’ve worked with since. Our 500+ employee-owners pride themselves in delivering meaningful and sustainable results that consistently exceed our customers’ expectations.

Since 1989, REI has provided Reliable, Effective, & Innovative solutions to 25+ Federal agencies and 180+ state, local, and commercial customers

500+ Employees

30+ Countries Represented

What We Do

We deliver IT solutions that make a difference and empower people.

Why We Do It

To become the most sought-after IT company; one that brings customer delight with exceptional results in every engagement.

The REI Way

We achieve results by kindling a SPARK in every employee. The culture embodied by REI Systems is focused on customer service with an emphasis on the passionate pursuits of one’s ambitions. SPARK is an acronym that summarizes our core values:

REI Employees showing off their Top Workplaces 2016 swag.

Building a world-class organization

The development of our people fuels the growth of our organization

Our leadership understands that investing in REI’s employees is the only way to stay ahead in a constantly changing world.

Meet Our Leadership Team


When technology works, the rest of the work becomes easier, more efficient, and less expensive. We provide the kind of IT you can count on – the kind of IT that drives better mission outcomes.

CMMIDEV/3 Exp 2017-04-16 / Appraisal #22103

This CMMI rating was earned through a Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement (SCAMPI) appraisal.

QAS International - ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 registered company

REI achieved ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 certification in 2015. ISO 20000 certification demonstrates that REI’s IT organization adopts and practices the processes required for high standards and effectiveness in IT services delivery.

REI Partnerships… Achieving Excellence Together

REI’s software/industry partners deliver technology solutions valued by our customers.

Salesforce silver consulting partner
Microsoft certified partner

REI places a high premium on customer service and satisfaction and are without equal in terms of delivering successful technical solutions on time and within budget.

– Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs

REI Systems has been imaginative, responsive, flexible, and effective in supporting GSA and a range of government-wide initiatives. They have performed this way consistently on a sustained basis with results that position our reputation as leading-edge [agency].

– Office of Management and Budget, GSA

The REI Team is largely responsible for developing strong working relationship with operations, networking, and security – as well as [providing] help forging a cooperative working group where none existed before. The CIO, Raphael Diaz, told me that the transformation in working relationship within HUD is what impresses him the most.

-Housing & Urban Development

It is very difficult to find contractors who are so enthusiastic and, more importantly, so adjustive to our ever-changing needs and demands. Extend my thanks and good wishes to your team and management.


This is the government. You are supposed to tell us it is impossible although may be doable at the very last minute. I am just not used to immediate results without complaining!


REI should offer classes to other contractors and the subject could be ‘How to achieve rave reviews.’

– Health Resources and Services Administration

The REI team certainly established for me the standard by which contractors should be measured. REI has always been, and I’m sure will always be, a group of people who strive for excellence and achieve it.

–Health Resources and Services Administration

We were at the monthly backlog meeting with OGP [the Office of Government-wide Policy] this morning and in the course of the conversation, [someone] made a comment about how REI was ‘universally’ receiving kudos from all stakeholders across the board and went on to say that, given these stakeholders rarely ever interact with each other, this was a huge accomplishment.

-Office of Government-wide Policy, General Services Administration

In my 25 years of working with contractors, I have rarely seen such a smart group of guys who know what they are doing [as the REI team].

-General Services Administration

Thank you so much!  This has been a breeze compared to some experiences I’ve had in the past.

– Department of Energy, Energy Information Administration