Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Delivering Digital Foresight for Seamless Customer Experience

REI Systems solutions create positive customer experiences that strengthen citizens’ opinions of and trust in government. Listening to users’ needs from the beginning and earning their trust maximizes the return on your IT modernization investment. According to performance.gov, satisfied customers are 9x more likely to trust government.

We build applications that prioritize a seamless customer experience. Our solutions anticipate customer needs to ensure they have an optimized experience at all touchpoints.

Our AI solutions are brilliant in analyzing customer behavior that then gets incorporated into citizen-facing applications for a better overall customer experience (CX). The quality and thoughtfulness of our software leads to guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Are you ready to get started? Click on the link below to view REI’s CX Playbook.

Increase Your Customer Satisfaction

REI’s CX Playbook offers federal agencies a step-by-step guide with best practices, checklists, advice from experts, and templates on how to create modern applications and digital services that improve customer experiences. 

REI's CX Framework

We created a CX framework to help our customers define and develop the digital foresight needed to create seamless experiences. Customer experience is multi-layered, and each layer has ideal processes from start to finish that need to be followed to achieve customer satisfaction. We guide clients through each stage.

We created a customer-centric application to automate ACF’s certification process to deliver services faster to human trafficking victims.

CX Capabilities

We understand that government processes are unique. We employ a personalized human-centered design model to ensure all customer-specific needs are anticipated:

  • CX Research – employ the latest CX research techniques to understand the customer journey we need to design.
  • CX Strategy and Ideation – leverage our research data to create the unique CX roadmap required and architect an inviting experience.
  • CX Design and Development – create positive engagement and a seamless journey to achieve customer satisfaction.
  • Preproduction Evaluation – assess whether the design meets the customer satisfaction litmus test.
  • Continuous Measurement and Optimization – measure success and continue optimizing experiences.