Enhancing the Health of Americans through IT Transformation

Healthcare agencies and organizations face some of the most profound challenges, and fluctuating global health issues and regulations. COVID-19 is a prime example of a hugely complex challenge that the ecosystem of our healthcare system faced. Technology and innovation helped quickly solve problems caused by the pandemic via predictive analytics, business intelligence, and grant management systems to disperse resources where needed. REI provides healthcare technology solutions that help agencies advance what matters—better patient outcomes for healthier Americans.

Providing HRSA With a Shared Business Solution for Better Grant Outcomes

REI built the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Electronic Handbooks (EHBs), a shared business solution across 70+ different health-focused grant and technical assistance programs, to fund, support, and evaluate performance by frontline healthcare providers across the United States. We delivered operational efficiency with an automation-first approach establishing complete end-to-end DevSecOps automation. As a result, HRSA was able to start providing COVID-19 grant funding to healthcare providers less than three weeks following the passage of the CARES Act.

Helping the FDA Protect Public Health With a Modern Inspection System

REI developed a solution that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) uses across five Compliance Programs (Biologics, Bioresearch Monitoring, Devices, Drugs, and Food) to plan, schedule, and coordinate regulatory inspection of foreign manufacturing firms—more than 3,900 total inspections in the fiscal year 2019. The inspections are complex, requiring coordination with multiple firms, FDA Centers, and international government agencies. The solution is available globally 24/7 to manage inspection details, schedule and coordinate inspection trips to foreign firms, assign and manage investigators, and report inspection status across programs.

HHS increased services to human trafficking victims with a modernized case management application.