Science and Technology

Science and Technology

Advancing Scientific Knowledge and Innovation

The government encourages and funds scientific technology research and innovation to solve some of our world’s greatest challenges. We focus on delivering grants management systems software solutions and small business innovation and research systems to help advance that goal. We got our start in 1989 providing innovation to NASA through its Small Business Innovation Research/Small Business Technology Transfer (SBIR/STTR) program — a current client. Through our work, we help to empower world-changing innovations, such as the recent landing of Perseverance on Mars, a rover that included several SBIR/STTR-derived technologies.

Improving Peer Review Panel Efficiency to Ensure the Best Grantees Are Selected

REI Systems created GovReview®, a robust tool to help the National Science Foundation (NSF) select which scientific research grant applications it will fund through peer review panels. The cloud-based tool manages the complete application peer review process, generates technical scores, and streamlines interactions between reviewers and the agency to strengthen the entire process. To integrate the tool with NSF’s legacy grant system, we migrated the database from Oracle to open source PostgreSQL and streamlined interfaces (e.g., integrating with Single Sign-on). Our cloud migration solution gave particular attention to cybersecurity and governance topics to ensure compliance with NSF policies while reducing costs.

Leveling the Playing Field for Energy Production Stakeholders

REI Systems helped the Energy Information Administration create a portal that provides detailed energy production activity, drawing from more than 1,700 data sets. The portal was built using modern technologies, such as open source software, including Angular, PHP, Elasticsearch, and Application Programming Interface that ingest data from multiple sources automatically and efficiently. Customizable maps let users visualize production and consumption of each energy type, by region. The portal helps users understand energy reserves and pricing, and makes it easy to compare energy sources. Congress can use the portal to forecast tax revenue and to strengthen energy policy.

Building technology applications that bring private sector innovation to government