Good software solves real world problems. Great software solves your problem.

A solution requires both a shared understanding and an ability to adapt as circumstances change. Agile software development helps people communicate better by decomposing complexity into small portions – portions that are easy to understand and prioritize, quick to deliver, and above all start to solve your problem.

Agile then helps you learn, because wisdom is only earned through experience and execution. Engagement with users, feedback, and iteration drive a virtuous cycle of continuous improvement. Just as importantly, engagement and feedback also provide valuable course adjustments as initial assumptions give way to data-validated functionality.

Agile Works

At REI, we have found that Agile solutions work for software development and for managing our whole company – from our recruiting and financial management to developing software – and providing change management advice to our clients.

Seal of U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Customer Testimonial

“Agile and CI/CD addressed chronic technical problems and promoted innovative solutions … The REI team’s collaborative effort with HUD helped forge a cooperative working group where none existed before.”

– Russell M. Burns, Housing and Urban Development