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Supporting Critical Public Services Through Technology

Grants significantly support and fund state, local, education (SLED), and nonprofit ideas and projects that provide valuable public services to citizens from recovery initiatives to innovative research to healthcare to educational programs. REI Systems helps SLED and nonprofit entities capture grant funding to advance their own missions, as well as use monies for making subgrants. We provide a full lifecycle grants management Software as a Service solution called GovGrants® and GovReview®, a modular solution that automates and manages the complete grants peer review process.

Centralizing and Automating Utah's State Board of Education Grants System

REI developed and implemented our GovGrants product as “Utah Grants” for the Utah State Board of Education (USBE), helping bring together five separate systems, resolving adverse audit findings and eliminating the need to manually process 8,000 payments. Utah Grants has significantly reduced the need to reconcile monies received and reduced error rates. The SaaS tool provides a single, authoritative system and standardized business processes for all USBE grants. Grant recipients now have one centralized place to request payments, review award letters, track actions required, and conduct other grants activities. Integration between this grant system and the statewide financial accounting system have reduced the time required to process $400M in payments.

Making Grants More Reliable, Faster, and Effective

Legal Services Corporation (LSC) is a nonprofit organization that funds legal representation for people across America who would otherwise be unable to afford an attorney. REI helps LSC support local and regional legal aid societies as they work with tenants facing eviction, victims of domestic abuse seeking restraining orders, and restaurant workers who have been mistreated by employers. Less than two months after REI started work with LSC, one grant recipient enthused, “This is great; I wish all our funders were using GovGrants!”

GovGrants helped DC’s Department of Health to eliminate manual entry-related errors, eradicate paper-based forms, and reduce audit findings.