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Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team sets the tone for our passionate, service-oriented, and agile culture. We believe in a collaborative, open-door environment where great ideas come before years of experience every time.

A photo of Veer Bhartiya.

Veer Bhartiya

Executive Chairman

As Executive Chairman for REI, company co-founder Veer Bhartiya oversees regulatory compliance as well as the critical aspect of succession planning. His primary day-to-day focus is on strategy building within the company, as well as establishing and maintaining proper relationships between his team members and customers. Veer values customers and employees above all, and believes that if REI’s employees are not happy, our customers won’t be happy, either. The leadership policy of “employees first” is one of his most prized contributions to the company’s success. He is truly passionate about the company he created and has named it one of his greatest lifetime accomplishments.

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A photo of Shyam Salona.

Shyam Salona

Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Executive Officer of REI, company co-founder Shyam Salona spends his days focused on building a culture of empowered teams and developing the agility of our company. Shyam believes that the work environment he fosters within REI is the most important factor in REI’s ability to develop and deliver highly innovative solutions to our customers. Shyam looks at our company’s success from multiple directions, and always seeks new ways that REI can continue to help our customers better achieve their missions. Shyam believes it is important to take the time to get to know the people he works with and, as a result, he works directly with customers, employees, and partners on a day-to-day basis.

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A photo of Scott Fletcher.

Scott Fletcher

Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer of REI, Scott Fletcher is responsible for managing day-to-day operations at REI. Under his guidance, his team ensures that delivery on existing projects is up to the company’s high standards. Since joining REI in 2006, Scott has led his team to continuously pursue new business in areas that would allow REI to contribute to the customer’s mission — an effort which has been largely successful due to Scott’s establishment and maturation of REI’s new business development function. He believes that the application of agile principles is a differentiator and success factor for our customers, and for REI – both in software development and across all sectors of our business from back office functions and new business development to software development and advisory services.

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A photo of Subhash Kari.

Subhash Kari

Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer of REI, Subhash Kari oversees our core competency areas, and technology innovations to meet the future needs of our customers. Since joining REI in 2001, Subhash has supported the company’s growth and provided leadership in grants management. As part of the corporate strategy team, he helps shape our organization’s long term growth and development. As a leader, he is hands-on and works with his teammates at every level to achieve the best possible results. He believes this approach allows leaders to remain grounded in reality and offer a more pragmatic approach to problem-solving.

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A photo of Kumar Anupam

Kumar Anupam

Senior Director,
Health Systems

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A photo of Wagish Bhartiya.

Wagish Bhartiya

Senior Director,
Software as a Service

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A photo of Samidha Manu

Samidha Manu

Senior Director,
People Services

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A photo of Jeff Myers

Jeff Myers

Senior Director,
Marketing & Communications

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