October 1, 2018

From September 24th to the 25th, REI Systems was proud to instruct and host a two-day Technology Business Management (TBM) Executive Foundation Course in partnership with the TBM Council. REI Systems’ TBM subject matter experts Nicolas Ojeda and Mina Han led the training course for public sector attendees to gain the knowledge needed to be successful TBM leaders and stakeholders. Before hosting this event at REI Systems’ headquarters, Ojeda and Han instructed the course in other venues, but this event was unique in that it piloted the option to attend via livestream. This new capability will allow the event to scale to a much bigger audience, reduce the cost for Federal agencies to attend (forgoing travel and accommodations), and improve the ability for Federal employees to get certified and access the tools they need to implement TBM successfully.

TBM provides the data that allows Government tech leaders and their business partners to collaborate on business-aligned decisions through transparency of cost, consumption, and performance. As both practitioners of TBM implementation and instructors of TBM, REI Systems brings first-hand experiences and lessons learned to public sector audiences through these certification courses.

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