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Happy 30th Anniversary REI Systems
June 28, 2019
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REI Systems celebrated their 30th Anniversary on June 26th with a company-wide picnic complete with amazing food, music, and perfect Northern Virginia weather, but the fun didn’t start or stop there.

They celebrated throughout the entire week with events that were both geared to their employees and the community at large. The week started with a charity Dessert Extravaganza where employees donated money and gently used books to gain access to a dessert crawl inspired by various children’s books. All proceeds went to All Ages Read Together, an organization focused on preparing all children entering school with the ability to learn and succeed.  Yum!

Then a private event was held to honor the retirement of our Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Veer Bhartiya.  Friends, current and past colleagues, and family all came to the REI Systems HQ for a bitter sweet congratulatory gathering, highlighting the incredible accomplishments and character of an amazing man.

Additionally, there were two more charitable initiatives worth noting! REI Systems’ employees donated bins and bins of professional and children’s clothing  in support of Women Giving Back, a local charity that supports women and children in crisis, and builds their confidence and self-esteem, by providing great quality clothing at no cost.  REI Systems teamed with Britepaths by donating food and their time to pack over 200 meals for students who are considered food insecure on weekends.

Overall, the week was filled with celebration, fun, and most importantly service to the surrounding community.