May 22, 2018

REI Systems is proud to support HRSA in the agency’s data analytics journey.

Sterling, VA – On May 11th, the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)  was honored as the overall winner of ACT-IAC’s Igniting Innovation Award 2018 for the enterprise implementation of Modern Data Analytics Platform (MDAP) to empower HRSA with data-driven decision-making. Igniting Innovation is ACT-IAC’s premier annual event to identify, recognize, and promote the best innovations in government that improve services to citizens and government operations. HRSA’s innovation surpassed more than 200 competing submissions to win the top spot. The Igniting Innovation Award is made to the best overall innovation as determined by voting following finalist’s presentations during the award ceremony. The full list of finalists can be viewed on ACT-IAC’s website.

HRSA envisioned MDAP to modernize the agency’s grants business intelligence approach and to reduce risks in grants decision-making. MDAP empowers the HRSA Staff to harness and analyze Grants and Performance data to support data-driven decision-making, mitigate risks in HRSA’s $10B grants portfolio and increase impact—such as the increase in screening Mental Health patients for depression from 38% to 60%, for example. MDAP turns a traditional IT-centric analysis approach on its head; instead of limiting data exploration to subject matter experts, MDAP provides analytic approaches that accommodate varying user-skill levels and intentions.

To make the project successful, HRSA combined a new approach (agile BI) with a new tool (Tableau) and embraced an agile delivery model in collaboration with business users. Using MDAP, HRSA has achieved 40% reduced time-to-insight and has motivated more than 50% of business users and decision-makers to effectively leverage the platform. Those users have generated more than 486 self-service analytical reports over the past year. This platform is reusable and extensible, relying heavily on automation to reduce total cost of ownership by $1M annually. REI Systems congratulates HRSA on this honor and has been proud to support HRSA in the agency’s journey to use data analytics to improve health care for millions of Americans.

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