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Transforming OPICs Mission Data into a Dashboard that Tracks Performance
May 26, 2017
OPIC Case Study Dashboard Image
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The Challenge

The Department of Management & Administration (DMA) is an executive office within OPIC responsible for managing the agency’s facilities and assets and provides a wide range of support services to carry out the agency’s mission. However, with a burdensome, complex, and disjointed business system that had not been updated in 40+ years, DMA needed an upgrade. DMA’s workflows were segregated, time-consuming, and manual, which made it extremely difficult to manage and led to duplicative data entry in multiple systems. The Agency had a minimal line of sight across the pipeline, aggregate reporting was burdensome and complex, and there was no authoritative data source for key elements.

REI Solution

REI supported OPIC DMA by modernizing a series of web-based enterprise solutions and replacing and retiring mission-critical legacy applications. REI focused on the solutions architecture and software development of OPIC’s applications as they were modernized to OPIC’s Insight Platform, implemented with Salesforce.com.

The REI team tackled this project in Agile phases to deliver workable prototypes and usable systems to DMA quickly. The first phase delivered a cloud-based system called the Insurance Operations Tracking Application (IOTA), which facilitates the collaboration, data sharing, and workflow of OPIC’s insurance product lifestyle. The second phase deployed the Finance Origination and Communication Utilities System (FOCUS), which migrated the system from its legacy platform to a Salesforce platform.

Because the project was delivered using Agile, OPIC was incrementally able to use IOTA, FOCUS, iFUNDS, and POM. All systems now exist in the single Insight Platform, making the mission goals easily trackable and presenting the Agency’s mission all on one comprehensive dashboard.


In 2011, the President of OPIC, Elizabeth Littlefield, presented a Special Act of Service award to REI employees and other members of the project team for successfully migrating several years’ worth of data from the legacy APPX system into a modernized loans platform. The REI team was instrumental in the development and documenting of the data migration progress, as well as in executing several successful migration cycles of OPIC’s entire loan portfolio.

In 2016, DMA conducted a survey among 200 OPIC employees to determine user satisfaction with Insight. From the survey, 90% of users reported that they are active in the system with a 96% satisfaction rate with Insight’s data transparency.