January 30, 2019

The University of Maryland – College Park’s League of Legends Team (UMD LOL), sponsored by REI Systems, will be playing its first game on February 1st in the College League of Legends tournament, hosted by Riot Games. UMD LOL will compete along with more than 300 teams across the nation in the regular season, which began January 7th and will continue through March 3rd. Regional playoffs will run from March 4th through 31st, and quarterfinals across regions will last from April 1st through 28th. The College League of Legends Championship will take place May 23rd through 26th in Los Angeles, CA.

Among the 300+ competing teams, UMD LOL was recently ranked #9 in an ESPN Esports College League of Legends Coaches Poll. UMD also won first place in the 2018 Big Ten Championship and placed third in the 2018 College Championship. We are excited to support UMD LOL for the 2019 tournament!

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