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The Infrastructure Bill Passed: Find Out How the Department of Transportation Will Use Grants to Improve the Country’s Infrastructure
January 20, 2022


January 18, 2022


  • U.S. Department of Transportation’s Deputy Assistant Secretary – Victoria Wassmer
  • U.S. Department of Transportation’s Deputy Assistant Secretary for Safety- Robin Hutcheson

Event Description:

The new infrastructure plan will put more than $1 Trillion in new money into transportation, broadband and utilities. Transportation is a key area that will receive an infusion of dollars to repair, update, and build new infrastructure throughout the country. America will begin a building spree larger than what happened during the New Deal. The Department of Transportation (DOT) will be directing a large portion of those dollars through grant programs.

Join our event to find out DOT’s plans and approaches to implement the new legislation, including standing up new grant programs to fund infrastructure. Our speakers will be discussing opportunities, challenges, and risks associated with this massive effort.

Attendees will walk away with: 

  • The DOT’s goals and aspirations of the infrastructure program
  • How DOT will partner with grant recipients to achieve its purposes
  • Program evaluation and performance criteria
  • The grant management systems that will be used for the program

View presentation slides. 

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