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Measuring ROI: Strategies for Government IT Investments
May 6, 2024


April 24, 2024


  • Mr. Rajiv Uppal, Internal Revenue Service, Chief Information Officer
  • Mr. Ed Wilgus, NIH, Acquisition Officer
  • Ms. April Kestyn, Director of IT Services, GSA’s Office of Acquisition
  • Ms Florence Kasule, Director of Procurement from the United States Digital Service
  • Mr. Jeff Myers, Senior Director at REI Systems
  • Dr. Harry Keeling, Professor of Computer Science, Howard University

Event Description:

Measuring ROI: Strategies for Government IT Investments
Tips for Advocating and Optimizing Mission IT Assets. Every agency expects a return on their investment in federal IT – especially finance managers and program executives who must make choices between spending on IT versus other program priorities. But few agencies know how to measure ROI. At this event, IT acquisition and management experts will discuss how to measure ROI, how to estimate future ROI, and when/where ROI is important to federal IT decisions.

Key Topics: 

  • Strategies to help PM’s and COI’s estimate and measure ROI for major IT projects
  • Input and guidance for IT decision making/ justification and advocacy
  • Tips on how to execute IT projects in ways that maximize ROI to the government
  • Insight into how ROI is influencing IT acquisition decisions across government
  • Examples of how ROI has been helpful in advancing the impact and benefits of IT in government

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