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Modern Analytics Webinar Series
August 12, 2020
Blog Modern Analytics Webinar Series

Modern Analytics Approach: How to Unlearn and Advance

It is not an exaggeration to say, ‘Data is the currency of the present era’. Also, it is not uncommon that most organizations struggle to realize the full potential of this modern-day asset. This connects back to not investing in understanding the data at hand, not employing the right technologies & processes to store and analyze data, and not producing compelling data stories that trigger actionable insights. The contemporary approach to analytics and AI requires us to unlearn the conventional concepts of monolithic mindset and protecting the data. Now is the time to question – what do we focus on to provide a gratifying outcome-driven solution that supports federal agency mission?
In this two-part webinar series, we answer this question by focusing on the key areas of consideration for organizations, while sharing practical examples of our success stories.
In Part 1 of Modern Analytics Approach: How to unlearn and advance attendees learned about the practices that assist in creating state-of-the-art data analytics platform aimed to deliver the mission enabling solution.

Highlights included:

• Understanding the agency’s mission & data
• Building a data strategy
• Data literacy and adoption journey
• Maximizing data storage with minimal integration
• Orchestrating your solution through DataOps

Modern Analytics Approach: How to Turn Data to Insights – Part 2

This session will focus on Analyzing & Visualizing data. Highlights include
• Bring Your Own Data (BYOD)
• Playground for data analysts & scientists
• Single Point-of-Entry (PoE)
• The art & science of data storytelling
• Business-led analytics over traditional IT-led

Ankit Mittal
Director of Data Analytics